• New Retail Visual Effects of Leffeck Commercial Equipment at the CHINASHOP 2018


    Leffeck Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. presents its exhibition props with retail visual effect in N3 Hall 3034. Each new type of retail exhibition stand shows more fashionable charm with the light.

  • Leffeck wish every father_Happy Father's Day!


    Father's Day is a festival to honour your father for everything he did for you. The date and style of celebrating this festival differs from country to country but one thing that remains noticeably same is the spirit of this occasion. Everybody take the opportunity to honour their father and tell them how much they are loved and appreciated.

  • 20 years celebration of Ribang, thanks to all the old staff


    Ribang's achievement today, cannot do without your tireless efforts.Thank you for your 20 years of hard work, thank you for your loyalty, dedication and trust.

  • LEFFECK took part in the "Beautiful Foshan all the way forward - 2017 Foshan, 50km walk" in Foshan


    ​Leffeck's colleagues participated in the 50 km walk on the Chancheng line, adhering to: take exercise and healthy, leaving our footprints along the way and full of cheerful chatting and laughing throughout this journey.

  • Congratulations on LEFFECK's new business in 2017.


    Bid farewell to the Lunar New Year holiday, the tenth day of the first lunar month kicked off work. we gathered to worship, pray and take turns to burn incense! Pray for 2017 body health, good fortune, business is booming!

  • LEFFECK had gathered to celebrate Chirismas


    On Christmas Eve, Leffeck gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus, while strengthening the exchanges between colleagues, but also increase mutual friendship, the party sweet and sweet! How was your Christmas?

  • LEFFECK was invited to the caring award show


    ​On December 1st, LEFFECK was invited to join the Zumiao Social Office organized in Foshan ancestral zumiao Street "Helping the disabled and the elderly, thanksgiving because of you" award show, there are more than 1000 people with disabilities and the elderly, and enthusiastic business units composed of people from all walks of life, the venue all seats are occupied, very spectacular scenes.

  • Leffeck Love-Charitable Activity


    Leffeck representative of management core with a blazing love,came to Kangyuan Center in Zumiao Street. Send a token for vulnerable groups of the Kangyuan, hope to bring warmth to everyone,and dedication to the construction of a harmonious society!

  • LEFFECK hold a birthday party for employees


    Company organized this staff birthday parties, aimed at strengthening the communication between the headquarters staff, further deepen the "people-oriented" management philosophy, and take care of employees.

  • Leffeck company celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with you


    LEFFECK prepared a Festival gift for everybody. Colleagues in the production department took the lead in ready queue, with great joy to receive holiday gifts to more employee's beliefs, enhance the sense of belonging among employees, so that employees can be more vigorous vitality, more positive and optimistic attitude and work ethic in a more harmonious relationship, while consolidating the enterprise culture.