fruit and vegetable storage racks
    Publish time 2017-12-15 09:51    

Created in strong, pretreated, standardized iron or steel, these racks are ably designed to give a reliable and prolonged service to its users. The racks are designed to give proper air circulation which is essential in perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables. 

These designs also are visually stimulating that emphases the freshness of the produces on display.

LEFFECK has designed its fruits and vegetable racking system having all these in mind and hence offer all the above mentioned as a complete package and storage solution for fruit and vegetable retailers in the country. A complete range of standard displays such as adjustable racks, top canopy, stainless steel racks, etc., are offered by Leffeck.

Raw material: cold rolled steel and wood


Material of backboard: wood


Color: Brown(can be customized)


Number of layers: 4


Capacity: 25-35kg / layer


Structure: Single side / Double sides


Style: Light duty


Surface treatment: powder coating


Application range : Convenience store, Supermarkets,Grocery shop, Exhibitions, Chain store, Pharmacy shop etc.


Installation: knock down

Model: HJ-F19 Length(mm) Weight(mm) High(mm) Surface finishing
fruit and vegetable storage racks
1200 600 2400  FIR spray paint, Melamine back panel MDF
to put iron bars before spray