We showed you some of our store fixtures, we warmly welcome you come to FOSHAN, CHINA. You will see a wonderful and reliable factory, and below beautiful scenic spots at the same time.

      Tang dynasty two years (AD 628), because on the city tower PoGang excavated three statue of Buddha,thinks there is a place where Buddhism and hence made Shi Bang  change JiHua township "foshan", also known as "buddhist city".  Tang and song dynasty years, foshan, han dicraft industry, business and  culture  has been very prosperous. When the Ming and qing dynasties,but also  to develop into many businessmen,lingnan town,industry and business  industry  prosper and hankou town in  hubei, jiangxi  

jingdezhen, immortals township in henan and saidthe famous  town of the "big four", and Beijing,hankou,

suzhou and said the world's "big four",ceramics, textile, foundry, ​medicine 

heyday austral big four industry. Known as the hometown of 

ceramic art ,  the  hometown of  cantonese opera, the  

hometown of martial arts, wide  yarn center,lingnan 

medicine of the  township, south casting center , the   

hometown of folk art, etc. 

       Foshan is the cradle of folk art in the pearl river 

delta, and keep the autumn, lion dance, dragon  dance, 

dragon boat rap, such as large dragon boat boatrace 

embodies the essence of lingnan culture folk art and folk 


       Guangdong since the tang and song  dynasty had nine 

years,foshan accounted for five. Since modern times, the  

reform movement gave birth to the leader  of  kang youwei, 

political activists or, Dai Hongci, tan hirayama, he xiangning, 

Luo Dengxian, Deng Pei, national industrialist Chen Qiyuan, 

Jane according to the south, JianYuJie, scientists zhan 

tianyou, Zou Boji ,  wu jan-ren's hen-hai litterateur, cantonese 

opera diva eight,sun,martial arts masters ryazan, huang2 

fei hong2, Bruce lee, who guang-hai li, skillful craftsman 

Huang Bing , Chen Weiyan,Liu Chuan,such as the first Chinese pastor leungfaat luminaries